Financial Planning

Financial planning advice can be provided in one area or many areas depending on your needs and desires. Some of the areas include:

We use Monte Carlo simulations that provide you with the probability of success based on your retirement goals. Recommendations are made to improve the probability of success while mitigating unnecessary risks.

Cash Flow Analysis
We review your income and spending to determine how dollars could be better allocated.

Risk Management Analysis
We review risks that you may be exposed to and provide solutions to mitigate those risks. Risks include pre-mature death, disability or long-term care needs. We will weigh the costs and benefits of minimizing these risks and may consult with insurance experts to assist you with making prudent risk management decisions.

Life Events
When changes are about to happen in your life, those changes can be more seamless if you’re prepared.

  • Starting your first or new job
  • Buying/Leasing a Vehicle: Which makes most sense for me?
  • Buying/Renting a Home: What are some things I need to know?
  • Getting married
  • Starting or adding to your family
  • Receiving a promotion, bonus, raise, stock options, etc.
  • Receiving an inheritance

Portfolio Review

Employee Benefit Choices

Investment Consultation & Management

Whether you want to delegate the management of your investments or want advice to do it yourself, we can help.

Investment Consultation includes a review of your current investments. We determine your investment criteria (risk tolerance, investment time frame, personal preferences, and other factors) and then make allocation recommendations. You make the changes recommended by us within your portfolio and monitor your own investments, and decide when you’d like us to review them again. Review meetings are typically recommended on an annual basis, when there have been significant changes in the stock market or economy, or when you’ve had changes in your life that might warrant a change in investment allocation.

Investment Management includes a review of your current investments. We determine your investment criteria (risk tolerance, investment time frame, personal preferences, and other factors) and then make allocation recommendations. Per your review and authorization of our recommendations, we then make the changes in your portfolio and provide monitoring of your investments. We schedule periodic reviews for your portfolio and will also meet between those scheduled reviews to make changes if necessary.

Areas include:

  • Mutual Fund Cost Analysis: We help you find ways to reduce investment related expenses to help maximize what you keep.
  • Retirement Accounts: 401(k), 403(b), Traditional or Rollover IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Beneficial IRA’s, TSA’s, pensions, and other retirement-related accounts. Note: we may not be able to execute trades for you in these accounts.
  • Asset Allocation: Allocating your investments according to your risk tolerance, investment time frame, personal investments preferences, and other factors.
  • College Education Funding (fixed fee or hourly): We help you figure out how much you will need for a college or other post-secondary fund according to your goals, and which savings vehicles are appropriate for you.

Note: We are not day traders. Instead, we take a longer-term approach to investing by creating an allocation suited to you and only making changes when necessary. We like to review investment choices from all of your investments (employer retirement plans, IRAs, non-IRAs, etc.) in order to make cost-effective recommendations to save money on trading costs and investment fees when possible.

For Women

Women have unique needs and challenges. We work with women in all stages of life including transitions into career development, marriage, motherhood, business start-ups, caring for an ill spouse, child or parent, empty-nesters and widowhood.

NOTE: We are not legal or tax professionals and always recommend you seek legal and tax guidance from a professional in those areas for advice that pertains to your individual circumstances.


Financial Topics For You offers discussion and education around a certain topic. This forum is best for civic groups, company employees, women’s or men’s groups, organizations, couples gatherings and groups of friends or extended family. We like to keep groups under 15 people.

Examples of topics:

  • Investment Fees: What do I need to know? How much am I paying?
  • Education Funding Choices
  • Budgeting and Credit
  • Home Ownership vs. Renting

NOTE: No individual advice is given during seminars, and no products are recommended or sold.

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